Podcast: ‘Cancer Straight Talk from MSK’

Cancer Straight Talk Podcast from MSK

Everyone’s cancer experience is unique, but medical oncologist Diane Reidy-Lagunes noticed her patients asking the same questions: “Should I keep exercising?” “How can I manage the side effects of chemotherapy?” “Should I avoid sugar?” “Am I eligible for a clinical trial?” So she started a podcast series called Cancer Straight Talk from MSK, now reaching tens of thousands of listeners.

The 20-minute monthly episodes bring together patients and experts to have straightforward, evidence-based conversations about the latest advancements. They discuss everything from the impact of treatment on their sex lives, to finances, to emotional health — the questions patients might feel too embarrassed to ask their doctors. There are also episodes offered in Spanish.

The goal is to empower people with the facts. Check out our recent episodes to see why they resonate with a growing audience.

Best (and most accurate) podcast on cancer. Listening to the BEST cancer experts, and to their patients, talk through things in such clear terms helps me get accurate info! There's a lot of fake info out there, and this is truly saying things as they are! Thank you!
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