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MSK 2021 Annual Report
Radiopharmacist Scott Vietri and Cyclotron Engineer Sherron Hicks prepare a drug with a radioactive element

Radiopharmacist Scott Vietri and Cyclotron Engineer Sherron Hicks prepare a drug with a radioactive element that seeks out hidden cancer cells and destroys them.



MSK is an ecosystem of discovery, where the seed of an idea can blossom into a breakthrough. 

Our three pillars — patient care, scientific research, and education — supported extraordinary progress in 2021. Learn about just some of our achievements in this Annual Report. 

Innovation With Lasting Impact
Our discoveries make history. Our results help patients around the world.
A Triumph Against Prostate Cancer
A new approach that selectively seeks out and destroys prostate cancer cells represents a major leap forward for treating men with the disease.
Pairing Patients With the Right Drug
Giovanna Whitting has no signs of the thyroid cancer that had spread to her lungs, thanks to a new MSK database called OncoKB, which matches patients with the most effective therapies for their particular cancer mutations. For Giovanna, the lifesaving drug was selpercatinib.
After Four Decades, a Breakthrough for Lung Cancer
When Karen Milich stopped responding to lung cancer treatments, she enrolled in an MSK-led clinical trial testing a drug that targets the KRAS mutation. The drug, sotorasib, was a breakthrough, 40 years in the making.
MSK Reducing Side Effects of HPV Head and Neck Cancer Treatment With Low-Dose Radiation
MSK radiation oncologists pioneer a low-dose radiation approach that decreases side effects and significantly improves quality of life for people with HPV-positive head and neck cancers.
A Brighter Outlook for Pancreatic Cancer
A vaccine using mRNA technology — the same technology used to create the COVID-19 vaccine — offers hope for preventing pancreatic cancer from returning after surgery.
Thinking Outside the Box: What Autoimmune Diseases Can Teach Us About Cancer
To develop better immunotherapies for cancer, SKI tumor immunologist Andrea Schietinger is seeking inspiration from an unlikely source: autoimmune diseases.
Bridging Gaps in Patient Care
Everyone deserves the best medicine. We reach the patients others may overlook, leading the way for more equitable care.
Improving Outcomes for Everyone
People of color suffer heartbreaking disparities in cancer outcomes. MSK is determined to help in every facet of cancer care, from lifesaving research to better access to the world’s best treatment.
Understanding Every Patient
MSK interpreters, available 24-7, break down language and cultural barriers for non-native English speakers.
Caring for Young People With Cancer
MSK’s Lisa and Scott Stuart Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers supports young patients so that they not only survive cancer but also live a life beyond it.
The People of MSK
There is heart and soul in every hallway. More than 20,000 strong, we are united in our mission.
New Leadership for a New Era
Meet Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive Tracy Gosselin and learn what inspired her interest in oncology.
The Nursing Connection
A unique program at MSK matches nurses to empower each other professionally and personally.
Cooking Up Comfort Food
Chef Courtney Kennedy brings her Culinary Institute of America skills to MSK.
Dancing Into Patients’ Hearts
Environmental Services staff members go above and beyond to bring smiles to the faces of pediatric patients.
Ready for a New Chapter
It’s not just about surviving cancer; it’s about thriving after it. Advanced practice provider Jessica DiVanno cares for patients in MSK’s Adult Survivorship Program.
The Next Generation
Opportunities abound at MSK. Rising stars can innovate. Aspiring scientists from all backgrounds are educated. Our people dream big and give back.
Why We Chose the Sloan Kettering Institute
Hear from new faculty about what makes the Sloan Kettering Institute an outstanding place to do fundamental biomedical research.
True Grit: One Man’s Incredible Journey To Become a Doctor at MSK
Borel Soh’s determination to become a doctor fueled him to overcome incredible obstacles — with the help of mentors at MSK. Now he is mentoring a new generation who want to help people when they need it most.
A Path for Aspiring Scientists
Biomedical research thrives when people from different backgrounds bring fresh perspectives. MSK is helping people get the opportunities they deserve.
The MSK Donor Community
Every year, hundreds of thousands of generous donors do their part to drive more innovation and save more lives. Our patients are grateful, and so are we.
2021 MSK Giving
In 2021, more than 420,000 individuals, families, foundations, and companies contributed more than 600,000 donations — raising more than $600 million for cancer care, research, and education.
Faces of the MSK Donor Community
The donations from our community continue to advance the way we treat cancer.
The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
This volunteer-led organization, celebrating its 75th anniversary, is dedicated to raising funds that advance cancer research and care at MSK. This year’s projects include pancreatic cancer and immunotherapy.
Podcast: ‘Cancer Straight Talk from MSK’
Dr. Diane Reidy-Lagunes hosts our monthly podcast that brings together patients and experts to have straightforward, evidence-based conversations about the latest advancements in cancer.
Messages From the Chairman and the President
MSK is revolutionizing the way cancer is understood, diagnosed, and treated. Your generosity makes this possible.

MSK 2021 Annual Report

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