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In the Lab

Faster than the Speed of Light: New Imaging Approach Could Measure Tumor Activity

A new imaging approach being investigated by Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers could provide better information about a tumor’s molecular activity, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.

Pictured: Daniel Thorek & Jan Grimm


Three Young Investigators Named Winners of Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research

Memorial Sloan Kettering has named three winners of this year’s Paul Marks Prize for Cancer research, an award that recognizes promising young investigators.

Pictured: Simon Boulton, Levi Garraway, and DJ Pan


When "Do No Harm" Means "Do Nothing": Managing Risks

An earlier post about active surveillance as a management strategy for prostate cancer generated an engaged and meaningful discussion on this blog, especially about the risks of “doing nothing.” Here we take a closer look at the concept of risk.

Pictured: Vincent Laudone and James Eastham


Charles Sawyers Discusses New Report about Cancer Progress and Challenges

Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientist Charles Sawyers, who serves as president of the American Association for Cancer Research, highlights findings from the group’s new report.


Memorial Sloan Kettering Announces Unprecedented Alliance

Hartford Healthcare system in Connecticut has been selected as the first MSK Cancer Alliance member, established to enhance delivery of care, improve patient outcomes, and advance research.


Taking Clues from Nature for the Development of New Drugs

In this Q&A, Memorial Sloan Kettering chemist Derek Tan discusses why natural products offer inspiration for the development of new drugs.

Pictured: Derek Tan

Cancer Guide

New Information about Multiple Myeloma Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Memorial Sloan Kettering specialists provide outstanding care for multiple myeloma and related plasma cell diseases.

In the O.R.

Data on New Procedure to Remove Small Breast Cancers Shows Benefits to Patient Experience

Memorial Sloan Kettering clinicians report on a successful first year of using a new procedure to pinpoint and remove small breast cancers.

Pictured: Lawrence Dauer

In the Lab

Gene Mutation Linked to Inherited Risk of Common Form of Childhood Leukemia

Researchers have found the first evidence that susceptibility to developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia during childhood may be heritable.

Pictured: Kenneth Offit

Ask the Expert

Why Don’t We Screen More Women for Ovarian Cancer?

In this “Ask the Expert” feature, gynecologic surgeon Dennis Chi discusses why screening for ovarian cancer is not as widespread as it is for certain other cancers.

Pictured: Denis Chi