Why One Family Signed Up for Cycle for Survival To Raise Money for Rare Cancer Research

Mom, dad and Joshy pose together

Josh and Vanessa are eager to give back after their son’s successful treatment for kidney cancer at MSK Kids.

The MSK Giving community is a mighty force of hundreds of thousands of people united in a common purpose. Each has a story to tell about their reasons for giving.

For Vanessa and Josh, it’s their precious son, Joshy. He was just 5 months old when he was diagnosed with a pediatric kidney cancer.

Seeing such a rambunctious 4-year-old now, it’s hard to imagine what his family endured. Joshy had surgeries, followed by six rounds of radiation and 15 sessions of chemotherapy — all overseen by his compassionate pediatric hematologist-oncologist Michael Ortiz, MD. Thankfully, the treatment worked, and Joshy started pre-K last year. He loves swimming, playing in the park, and watching superhero cartoons.

Forever grateful for their son’s care at MSK Kids, Vanessa and Josh saw an ad for Cycle for Survival® and immediately signed up to raise money for research on rare cancers.

In a moment filled with emotion, Vanessa shared their good news with their fellow riders. “We are happy to say in the care of Dr. Ortiz and his amazing team at MSK, Joshy is in remission!” she exclaimed amid tears and cheers.

This family is just one example of the legions of people who give generously to MSK, making a real difference in the lives of patients now and for generations to come.

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Vanessa and Josh at Cycle for Survival

Vanessa and Josh inspired their fellow Cycle for Survival riders by sharing the good news that their son is in remission.