A Phase IB Study of Bexarotene Combined with Radiotherapy in People with Mycosis Fungoides


Full Title

A Phase Ib Trial Combining Bexarotene With Ultra-Low Dose Total Skin Electron Beam (Tseb) Radiotherapy For The Treatment Of Diffuse Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas


Mycosis fungoides (MF) is a disease in which lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) become cancerous and affect the skin, causing cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The drug bexarotene and a very low-dose form of radiation treatment called total skin electron beam (TSEB) radiotherapy are each used individually to treat MF; this study is evaluating the safety of their use together. Researchers think that since bexarotene takes up to three months to relieve symptoms, combining it with TSEB could stabilize or improve MF and reduce symptoms, including itching.

Who Can Join

To be eligible for this study, patients must meet several requirements, including:

  • Participants must have MF and may not have previously received TSEB.
  • Patients must be able to walk and do routine activities for more than half of their normal waking hours.
  • This study is for people age 18 and older.

For more information and to ask about eligibility for this study, please contact the office of Dr. Sarah Noor at 646-608-3998.




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