A Phase 1/2 Study of AZD7789 in People With Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma


Full Title

A Phase I/II Open-label, Multi-center Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Efficacy of AZD7789, an anti-PD-1 and anti-TIM-3 Bispecific Antibody, in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma


Researchers want to find the best dose of AZD7789 for people with classical Hodgkin lymphoma. The people in this study have classical Hodgkin lymphoma that keeps growing even after treatment.

AZD7789 may keep cancer cells from interfering with your immune cells by blocking two proteins. This allows your immune cells to do a better job of finding and killing cancer cells. AZD7789 is given intravenously (by vein).

Who Can Join

To join this study, there are a few conditions. You must:

  • Have classical Hodgkin lymphoma that keeps growing or came back after treatment.
  • Have recovered from the serious side effects of previous therapies before getting AZD7789.
  • Be well enough to walk and take care of yourself. You must be able to do activities such as office work or light housework.
  • Be age 18 or older.


For more information or to see if you can join this study, please call Dr. Alison Moskowitz’s office at 646-608-3726.




Phase I/II (phases 1 and 2 combined)

Disease Status

Relapsed or Refractory



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