Support Through Treatment: Before Surgery & Procedure
Upcoming procedures and surgeries can understandably be very anxiety provoking. Take advantage of these resources to help physically and mentally prepare you for the challenge.
Breathing Exercises to Prepare for Procedures (Robin Hardbattle)
This introduction to simple, effective breathing exercises is designed to calm and prepare you for any procedure. (6 minutes)
Guided Mediation for Surgery Patients (Beth Sandweiss)
Use this mindfulness-based guided meditation to help reduce anxiety and discomfort before surgery or a procedure. (12 minutes)
A Safe Place: Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
With a focus on safety and comfort, use this grounding guided visualization to help support and prepare you for surgery or a procedure. (12 minutes)
Filling your Body with Healing Light (Beth Sandweiss)
Combine healing imagery with a body scan meditation to help prepare for or recover from surgery or other procedures. (13 minutes)
Mindful Breathing Before Surgery (Dr. Jun J. Mao)
This meditation helps you to prepare for or recover from surgery or any other procedure by combining mindful breathing with savoring. (15 minutes)
Managing Pain with Meditation: A Guided Visualization (Robin Hardbattle)
Focus your attention and let the soothing imagery of the ocean help you ride the waves of any pain or discomfort in this guided visualization. (32 minutes)