A Guide for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs): Questions To Ask Your Care Team

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This information has examples of questions you can ask your care team. Bring this list to your appointments. Make sure to write down the answers so you can go over them later.

General information

What type of cancer do I have? Is it common in people my age?

What stage is the cancer? What does this mean?


Where can I find more information about the kind of cancer I have?

How will cancer affect my relationships with family and friends? Where can I find support and more information on how to talk with them about cancer?

What is the chance the cancer will go into remission (when there are fewer or no signs and symptoms of cancer)?


What tests will I have? What will these tests tell me about the cancer I have?

When will I get my results? How will I get them?

Treatment options

What are my treatment options? Which ones do you recommend, and why?

What is the goal of each treatment? What are the risks and benefits of each treatment?

What new treatments are being studied? Is there a clinical trial (research study) that’s right for me?

How quickly do I have to decide on a treatment?


Could this treatment affect my fertility (ability to get pregnant or have children)? If so, who can I talk to about my fertility options before I start my treatment?

Treatment plan

What can I do to get ready for treatment? What can I do to stay healthy before I start treatment?

Will I need to stay away from others while I’m in treatment? Or can I see my family and friends? Can I go to public places (such as eating at a restaurant or going to a movie)?

Who will be on my care team? What does each person do?


Will I need to stay in the hospital for my treatment? Or will I be in an outpatient clinic?

How will the treatments be given to me? What will the treatments feel like?

How long will each treatment session take? How many sessions will I have?

How will I feel after each session? Will I be able to do my normal activities, or should I plan to rest?

Can a family member or friend come with me to my sessions?

Side effects of treatment

What side effects may happen during my treatment? How will they affect how I look and feel?

How will you treat my side effects?

Are there any side effects I should tell you about right away?

Are there any long-term side effects of my treatment?

What can I do to stay healthy during treatment?

Support services

What support services are available to me and my family?

What support groups do you have for teens or young adults?

How can I make an appointment with a social worker or counselor?

How can I make an appointment with a clinical dietitian-nutritionist?

What other services at MSK can help me with my side effects? What about services outside of MSK?

If I’m worried about my insurance or paying for my care, who can help me?

School or work

Will I be able to go to school while I’m in treatment? If not, will I be able to go back after I finish treatment?

If I have questions about keeping up with my schoolwork, who can help me?

Are there any school activities I should avoid or stop doing? For how long?

Will I be able to work while I’m in treatment, or should I plan to take time off?

How soon can I go back to work after I finish treatment? Are there any limitations once I go back?

Follow-up care

What can I do to stay healthy after I finish treatment?

What is the chance that the cancer will come back? Should I look out for certain signs and symptoms?

What follow-up tests will I need? How often will I need them?


What support services do you have for survivors, including people my age?


For information about programs and support services at MSK, read Support Resources for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs).

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Friday, April 7, 2023

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