Your Guide to the Patient Portal

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Patient portals are secure and keep your personal information safe. With a patient portal, you can see your medical records, schedule or change appointments, access telemedicine visits, and more.

Call your healthcare provider or ask them at your next visit how to sign up for a patient portal account.

Reasons to Use a Patient Portal

  • Schedule or change an appointment.
  • Get prescription refills.
  • View your test results.
  • View and pay your medical bills.
  • Send messages to your healthcare providers.
  • Access telemedicine visits.

You Can Use the Patient Portal for Telemedicine Appointments

Telemedicine lets you connect with your healthcare provider through a video call. Use the patient portal to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

You can request an interpreter to join your telemedicine visit. Just ask your healthcare provider.

Common Questions About Telemedicine

How do I use the online patient portal?

You can use patient portals by signing into the portal’s website with a username and password. Most patient portals also have a mobile app you can use. Check the app store on your device or ask your healthcare provider if a mobile app is available.

Can I still meet with my healthcare provider in-person if I start using telemedicine in the patient portal?

Yes. You and your healthcare provider will talk about when to have a telemedicine visit or meet in-person.

Can I get a prescription without seeing my healthcare provider in-person?

Sometimes you can get a prescription through the portal without a visit. Your healthcare provider can answer any questions about prescriptions and refills.

What if I need to reach my doctor?

You can message your healthcare provider on the patient portal at any time. For urgent questions, call your healthcare provider’s office directly. For an emergency, call 911.

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