Surgery for Acoustic Neuroma

Surgery is what Memorial Sloan Kettering experts usually recommend for people with larger acoustic neuromas, as well as for some people with small tumors whose hearing hasn’t been affected.

Improvements in imaging technologies and skull-base surgical techniques have made surgery for acoustic neuromas safer and more effective than ever before.

Approaches to Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Depending on where the acoustic neuroma is located, and how big it is, the surgeons may decide to operate on the tumor from behind and slightly below the ear. This is called the retrosigmoid approach/suboccipital approach. The procedure is done through your inner ear or above your ear.

Throughout an operation to remove an acoustic neuroma, surgeons use sophisticated monitoring techniques to avoid harming the nerves that affect your face, hearing, and other nerves.

MSK neurosurgeons work with our neurotologists to remove acoustic neuromas. Neurotologists are skull-base surgeons who specialize in inner ear and neurological problems.