Anal Cancer Signs & Symptoms

Anal Cancer Signs & Symptoms


You may not have any symptoms of anal cancer. If you do, for many people the first sign is bleeding from the anus. There are other signs to watch for. But they may be caused by more common conditions that are not cancer. Examples are anal fissures and hemorrhoids. If you notice something is wrong, see your healthcare provider right away.

Anal Cancer Symptoms


  • Bleeding from the rectum
    Bleeding is often very light at first and is seen as a symptom of something else.
  • Anal itching
    Itching is often bad and does not go away.
  • Abnormal discharge
    Discharge can include pus, mucus, or blood.
  • Change in bowel movement (poop)
    This can include diarrhea (watery stool), constipation (hard to poop), narrow stool, or blood in the stool. Talk with your healthcare provider if these changes last more than a few days.
  • Feeling of fullness
    You may feel like you are sitting on something or may even feel a small lump.


If you have 1 or more of these symptoms, it does not mean you have anal cancer. Talk with your healthcare provider to find the cause of your problems.

Finding anal cancer early can make it easier to treat. Read more about how anal cancer is diagnosed.

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