Breast Prosthesis

Breast Prosthesis


If breast reconstruction is not right for you, we can offer you an artificial breast prosthesis (pros-THEE-sis). This is something you can tuck into a bra. This insert makes your breasts look symmetrical (even). 

Breast prostheses are available in a few materials, such as silicone gel, foam, and fiberfill. They also come in a few textures, such as firm, medium, and soft. Sizes, shapes, and skin tones vary widely.

We can place prostheses in a special pocket of a bra or bathing suit. When they’re properly fitted and weighted, prostheses let you have correct posture. You can also buy prostheses that are custom-made (made just for you).

You can find breast prostheses by:

  • Asking your doctor or nurse for referrals to stores.
  • Calling or visiting your local American Cancer Society office.

These stores specialize in breast prostheses and postmastectomy bras. They often have experienced and sensitive salespeople. They can help you find the prosthesis that will be most comfortable for you.

To choose a breast prosthesis, a fitter will take into account a few things. They look at the type of surgery you had, and the size, shape, and texture of your other breast. Fitters also offer instructions for how to best clean and care for the prosthesis.

Before buying a breast prosthesis, make sure that you have a prescription from your doctor.

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