Genitourinary Cancer

Genitourinary Cancer

James Eastham, Chief of Urology, is among MSK’s many experts in treating all types of genitourinary cancer.

James Eastham, Chief of Urology, is among MSK’s many experts in treating all types of genitourinary cancer.

What is genitourinary cancer?

Genitourinary cancer affects the genitourinary (jeh-nih-toh-YOOR-ih-nayr-ee) system. These are body parts related to reproduction and to the urinary system, which makes and gets rid of urine (pee).

Genitourinary (GU) cancer forms in the urinary system of both men and women. GU cancer in men also form in reproductive organs. In women, cancers in reproductive organs are called gynecologic cancers.

Examples of the most common genitourinary cancers are adrenal tumors, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

You may have a diagnosis of genitourinary cancer or are worried you may have a GU cancer. Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) and our team of experts in diagnosing and treating genitourinary cancers can help.

MSK’s team of genitourinary cancer experts

MSK’s experts in genitourinary cancer deliver high quality cancer care with excellent treatment results. Your care team includes world-class specialists in surgery, medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, and nursing.

They work very closely together and meet regularly to talk about people in their care. As a team, they will choose the best treatment for you. MSK uses only the most advanced treatments for genitourinary cancers.

Your MSK care team has experts in keeping your body working as well as possible after treatment. They’re specialists in preserving the way you urinate (urinary function) and have sex (sexual function). It’s important to think about sexual health when we plan your treatment. Our sexual health team will support you and help manage side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

Types of genitourinary cancers we treat at MSK

The MSK difference for genitourinary cancers

World-class experts: Our team of world-class surgeons and medical oncologists (cancer doctors) is among the country’s most experienced in treating genitourinary cancers.

Research: MSK patients have access to research studies, also known as clinical trials, that explore new and better treatments for genitourinary cancers. Sometimes these studies offer therapies years before they’re available anywhere else.

Support: During and after treatment, MSK supports the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people with genitourinary cancers. MSK offers a full program of support services. Our nurses have special training in caring for people during outpatient chemotherapy, radiation, and after surgery.

Convenient locations: You can visit MSK specialists closer to home, not just in Manhattan. We offer treatment at our regional outpatient locations in New Jersey, Westchester County, and on Long Island. You can get the same outstanding care from MSK doctors at these sites, closer to home. See all MSK locations.

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