Follow-Up Care & Support for Liver Cancer


When you’re a patient at MSK, we believe in staying with you through the whole process and beyond, even after your treatments have ended. Liver cancer usually affects several organs in the body and can be difficult to control. Once we complete the treatment part of your care together, we’ll want to follow your condition and help manage any symptoms or discomforts that might come up.

Through coordinated care from our team of specialists from many areas, we aim to help you have a high quality of life for years to come, much longer than has been possible in years past. Although everyone’s situation is different, regular follow-up care after your first course of treatment will likely include imaging, liver function evaluations, and blood tests.

Be sure to let members of your cancer care team know about any pain, changes, or problems that you experience. Also mention symptoms — such as skin itching, nausea, fever, and jaundice — which may be caused by blockage of the bile ducts. If this happens and the tumor is too widespread to be removed, surgery may help prevent the blockages and reduce your symptoms.

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