2017 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research

Top row, left to right: Andrea Schietinger, PhD, Craig B. Thompson, MD as moderator. Bottom row, left to right: Michael H. Overholtzer, PhD, Philipp M. Niethammer, PhD.

This year’s seminar will include discussions on cancer research topics presented by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s leading scientists. Bring your questions and we will bring the pizza! All high school students and science teachers are invited.

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Our Speakers will present:

Andrea Schietinger, PhD, Tumor Immunology
“Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer: Rewiring the Molecular Circuitry of T cells for Cancer Immunotherapy”

Michael Overholtzer, PhD, Cell Biology
“Develop the Organism, Kill the Cancer: Understanding the Evolutionary Origins of New Forms of Cell Death and Their Effects on Cancer

Philipp Niethammer, PhD, Cell Biology
“Shedding Light on Inflammation: Imaging White Blood Cell Recruitment in Live Zebrafish”