How MSK Patients Can Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

Woman looking at a vaccine

Gloria Liriano, a pharmacy technician, prepares a COVID-19 vaccine.

Who is eligible to be vaccinated at Memorial Sloan Kettering?

We are pleased to offer COVID-19 vaccines to all MSK patients who are age 5 and over.

Learn about COVID-19 vaccines for children »

Learn about COVID-19 vaccines for people with cancer »

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How do I schedule a vaccination?

For pediatric patients:

  • You can schedule a COVID-19 vaccination by talking to your child’s primary doctor at MSK.

For adult patients:

There is no need to wait to be vaccinated at MSK. We encourage patients to use the following websites to find a location with vaccine availability:

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Where can I be vaccinated?

MSK is offering vaccinations for pediatric patients at the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center (PACC).

MSK is offering vaccinations for adult patients at:

July 5, 2022

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