The Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care host an annual Perioperative Cancer Conference. This international meeting is the work of leading anesthesiologists from several cancer centers of excellence worldwide. The multispecialty international consortium addresses the clinical and translational evidence emerging in perioperative cancer care. The conference is designed to address the complexity and unique challenges for the perioperative care of the cancer patient and cancer survivors.

As the incidence of cancer and cancer survivorship grows, there is an increased need for anesthesiologists, surgeons, interventional radiologists, nurses and other perioperative health care professionals to provide their services for the multiple diagnostic and interventional procedures in this patient population. This conference focuses on the key elements related to perioperative care of the cancer patient needed to deliver value-based patient centric care.

This conference consists of scientific panels, lectures and small group discussions and the opportunity to network online with leading international onco-anesthesiologists, surgeons and scientists. The most recent conference included:

  • Plenary Lecture: The Emperor of All Maladies - Can Anesthesia Influence Oncological Outcome?
  • Interactive Panels
  • Mini Medical Simulation
  • Real World Case Discussions
  • Special COVID-19 Panel
  • Virtual Social Networking Sessions

Objectives of the Conference

  1. Understand the global impact of cancer
  2. Identify aspects of perioperative care to lead to improved care and outcomes
  3. Implement a strategy to deliver patient centric value based perioperative care
  4. Learn the latest advances in cancer therapy and the implications for the perioperative period
  5. Learn about the challenges of caring for the chronic pain patient.