Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Clinical Nurse II Adelita Hinojosa-Martin examines a patient.

Clinical Nurse II Adelita Hinojosa-Martin examines a patient.

Nursing Career Ladder: The N-CARE Program

The nursing team at MSK rose to meet the challenges of COVID for their patients, their fellow staff members and their loved ones.
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The Nursing Career Advancement and Recognition of Excellence (N-CARE) program supports professional growth and development among MSK nurses. N-CARE follows the framework “From Novice to Expert” put forward by nursing theorist and author Patricia Benner, which calls for a four-tiered ladder of frontline clinical nurses. 

Our N-CARE review board is responsible for administering a centralized, peer-reviewed promotional approval process. The N-Care program works to ensure that the requirements and process for promotion and professional development are administered fairly, with consistency and standardization. 

The N-CARE program is designed to: 

  • support our professional practice model: Relationship-Based Care 
  • acknowledge the role of professional nurses and support lifelong learning and professional growth 
  • empower staff to engage in decision-making that impacts our practice and work environment and foster professional responsibility, integrity, accountability, and resourcefulness
  • incorporate the concept of organizational citizenship, which requires professional nurses to reach beyond our unit and contribute to the greater goals of the organization

MSK Clinical Nurse IVs declare one of three differentiated career pathways which aim to: 

  • enhance professional development
  • empower nurses
  • ensure succession planning for advanced leadership roles. 

Eligible advanced degree nurses may apply for an annual award based on criteria.

Advanced Practice Nursing

Advanced practice nurses are members of the care team who work with doctors to provide clinical care. MSK patients may see them instead of their doctor. These nurses are healthcare providers who have specialized training and include nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists.