VIRTUAL 2022 BMT Thrivers Celebration


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The BMT Thrivers event at Memorial Sloan Kettering celebrates Blood Marrow Transplant recipients and their return to health. This event is by invitation only. Qualifying BMT survivors, their friends, family, caregivers and the MSK BMT Service team are welcome to attend.

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Online via Zoom Live


Dr. Miguel-Angel Perales, MD
Chief, Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Service

Dr. Jaap-Jan Boelens, MD, PhD
Chief, Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies Service

Registration Details

This event is by invitation only.

All invitations will be sent via email. Registration through the email invite is required to attend the live virtual event. If you did not receive your invitation for our Virtual 2020 BMT Thrivers Celebration event, please contact us at [email protected].


Patient Elle Barrera, her mother Ellen and Dr. Jaap-Jan Boelens, MD, PhD

Patient Viren Mehta, his spouse Amita Rodman, their daughter Ami Kantawala and Dr. Richard Lin, MD, PhD