Jaap-Jan Boelens, MD, PhD

Pediatric Hematologic Oncologist

Chief of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy Service

Conditions Treated

Memorial Sloan Kettering pediatric hematologic oncologist Jaap-Jan Boelens
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About Me

I am a pediatric hematologic oncologist and Chief of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy Service. I specialize in bone marrow and cord blood transplantation to treat blood diseases in children and young adults. I have particular expertise in treating rare diseases, such as lysosomal storage disorders. I am also part of a dedicated community of experts who are working to develop new treatment strategies for our young patients. Our goal is to be able to better control their disease while improving their well-being, as well as that of their families.

Before coming to Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2018, I spent a decade developing a cord blood transplant program in the Netherlands. This program is now the largest in Europe. Cord blood transplants are important because they offer a promising treatment for people who don’t have a suitable bone marrow match. I am continuing to build on this work by looking for ways to incorporate cellular therapies with transplants. My goal is to offer an even greater chance of eliminating disease while also making less of an impact on patients’ quality of life.

My research in the lab is fueled by my passion to help young people with blood disorders lead long and healthy lives. We are currently working to develop advanced therapies made from cord blood that will target blood disorders at the cellular level. We are also creating mathematical models that can help us predict how a young person’s immune system will respond to receiving treatments like this. By taking a holistic look at both treatment and response, I want to take discoveries out of the lab and to the bedside to help my patients.

When I meet with patients and their families, they are often dealing with a lot of uncertainties. They have been given a life-changing diagnosis and are facing questions about treatment, complications, prognosis, and how all of this will impact their family. I guide patients and families through these unknowns by giving them time and space to ask questions and process information. My communication policy is to be completely open and honest so that my patients feel heard, respected, and cared for. We’ll spend as much time together as necessary to make sure this happens.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy cooking, cycling, and traveling with my family to such places as Africa, Asia, and South America.

  • Clinical Expertise: Cord Blood-Derived Cell Therapies; Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation; Rare Pediatric Blood Diseases; Lysosomal Storage Diseases; Immune-Reconstitution; Pharmaco-Kinetics/Dynamics
  • Awards and Honors: Swammerdam Prize for Innovation in Cell Therapy/Oncology, The Dutch Society of Hematology (2015)
  • Languages Spoken: English; Dutch
  • Education: MD, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands; PhD, University of Amsterdam/Academic Medical Center
  • Residencies: Pediatrics - Leiden University Medical Center/Juliana Kinderziekenhuis, Leiden, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Fellowships: Immunology – University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands; Oncology – Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands
  • Board Certifications: Pediatrics; Oncology (Netherlands)

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