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Gigi's Story

In 2006, Gigi Quiroz was the first-ever patient to receive ophthalmic artery chemosurgery (OAC) to treat retinoblastoma, a pediatric eye cancer. As a result, she was able to maintain vision in both eyes, which was practically unheard of at the time. When the Chief of MSK’s Ophthalmic Oncology Service, David Abramson, saw how quickly and efficiently OAC got rid of Gigi’s cancer, he knew he had a life-changing treatment on his hands. Thanks to Gigi, the vast majority of MSK patients with retinoblastoma now receive OAC — and get to keep their eyesight.

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Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Carrieri was shocked when she found out she had multiple myeloma. The young mother of two was put on a clinical trial with Memorial Sloan Kettering oncologist Pamela Drullinsky and received a stem cell transplant in October. Now she’s healthy, back to work, and looking forward to celebrating her 40th birthday.

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