Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is an APP Fellowship Program? 

APP fellowships are formal postgraduate programs that function to bridge the gap in APP education and clinical practice experience. APP fellowships aim to provide APPs with subspecialty education and skills that are not routinely taught in graduate programs and often require extensive on-the-job training.  

When does the fellowship start and how many applicants are accepted? 

The program is 12 months long and begins once a year in October with the next start date being October 21, 2024. Approximately 15-20 APP fellows are hired each year. Please refer to the job posting for real time position availability updates.

Which MSK locations do APP fellows work at? 

APP fellows primarily work in the Main Hospital at 1275 York Avenue, New York, NY however certain subspecialties may be required to work at regional sites or local affiliations.  

What is a day-to-day schedule like and how many hours do APP fellows work per week?  

The schedules of clinical teams differ based on the needs of the services so the schedule for each subspecialty track will have some variation. In general, APP fellows will work approximately 50 hours a week with 40 hours dedicated to clinical care of patients and 10 hours dedicated to didactic learning. APP fellows may be asked to work nights, weekends and/or holidays. 

Do APP fellows rotate through inpatient and outpatient settings? 

Yes, there is some variation based on subspecialty, although most APP fellows rotate through inpatient and outpatient locations. 

Is this APP fellowship program accredited?  

Yes, the program is accredited with distinction by APPFA (Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship Association). The MSK APP Oncology Fellowship is the first program ever to receive this accreditation.

Can I apply prior to having a licensure or board exam results? 

Yes, you can apply to interview without having a license or board exam date, however you are required to apply for your license in full by July 15, 2024 and secure an exam date no later than August 15, 2024. New York State may take 12-16 weeks to process license applications and MSK cannot hire or credential you without a NY State License.  

Can I apply to multiple subspecialties?

When applying for the APP Fellowship program, you will be asked to rank your top three preferences for subspecialty tracks.

Does the fellowship program lead to continued employment at MSK upon graduation?  

All APP Fellows who are in good standing within the fellowship program are eligible to apply for full time openings during the last quarter of their fellowship although employment is not guaranteed. 

What is the annual stipend? 


Do I receive benefits? 

Yes, you are eligible for clinical trainee benefits. 

Are there housing options at MSK for APP fellows?

Yes, while not a guarantee, fellows are eligible to apply for MSK housing. Most of the housing is located near MSK’s main campus on New York City’s Upper East Side.

How are fellows evaluated?  

This fellowship employs a comprehensive evaluation process used to track clinical competency, personal growth, and professionalism. Feedback is bidirectional with a goal of transparency and continuous improvement. Since each fellowship subspecialty track incorporates clinical rotations, clinical preceptors evaluate the fellow and their experience with the fellowship while fellows evaluate their experience with the clinical rotation and their preceptors. All fellows are formally evaluated at the beginning, middle and end of the fellowship using evaluation tools customized to meet the objectives of each specific subspeciality. Successful completion of the fellowship program is contingent on meeting expectations as outlined in the evaluation process. 

How long does the credentialing process at MSK take if accepted into the program? 

Credentialing typically takes approximately 8 weeks (although may take longer in some cases). The credentialing process is initiated immediately upon accepting an offer. It is recommended that all documents are submitted within a few weeks of acceptance to allow enough time for processing prior to the start date. All APP fellows must be fully credentialed by the deadline in order to begin the fellowship and there will not be an opportunity for delayed start.

When should I start my application and how should I prepare?  

Applications open March 4, 2024. We recommend preparing your application packet prior to March 4th including your resume, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.