Salary and Payroll

Salary and Payroll



PGY Level Calculation for Full-Time Graduate Staff

Stipends for full-time graduate staff are based on the resident’s or fellow’s postgraduate years of US or Canadian clinical training, as determined by the Office of Graduate Medical Education in consultation with the training program director.

Only US specialty-specific training is used in this calculation, including required prerequisite training years (a preliminary internship year, for example). For surgical subspecialties, up to two years of research within the surgery residency period will be counted towards PGY calculation, such that someone can be given credit for up to seven years of residency (or five years clinical plus two years research).

Professional experiences not included in PGY calculation include:

  • Employment
  • Military service
  • Research (expect for the surgical exemption noted above)
  • Time spent obtaining other professional degrees

Training experiences not included in PGY calculation include:

  • Repeated training
  • Training outside of the current specialty
  • Partial years of training

Credit for training outside of the US or Canada may be granted based on the training program director’s approval, although similar guidelines should be followed. Credit will not exceed the required prerequisite years of the equivalent US or Canadian pathway.

Stipend Levels

The stipends for the 2023-2024 academic year range from $83,083 for a PGY-1 to $124,189 for a PGY-11 level for a PGY-11 level. New stipend levels are reviewed and approved by the GME Committee each January. Direct deposit can be arranged through the Payroll Department. Deposits may be made into as many as three separate accounts. Upon their employment, each trainee will be provided with the schedule of pay periods.

PGY Level 2023-2024
1 $83,083
2 $86,889
3 $91,093
4 $94,744
5 $98,812
6 $103,213
7 $107,769
8 $112,163
9 $115,966
10 $119,938
11 $124,189