Medical Imaging Physics Residency

Dr. Edward Fung imaging an ACR Mammography phantom

Dr. Edward Fung imaging an ACR Mammography phantom

Program Description

The Medical Imaging Residency is a 2+2 program in which a two-year grant-funded research project is followed by a two-year clinical residency in Imaging physics. Individuals who wish to enter this program must have a PhD in medical physics, physics, or a closely allied field.

Program Objectives and Goals

The primary purpose of this postdoctoral training program is to provide a high level of specialized research, instruction, and clinical training in areas of imaging physics related to medicine. The major goal of the program is to prepare candidates for careers as qualified medical physicists (QMP) in a clinical practice. This includes preparation for certification by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and the subsequent licensure mandated by the State of New York. In order to be qualified for licensure in the State of New York, a medical physicist must pass Parts 1 and 2 of the ABR exam.


Year Round/No deadline

Length of Program

Four years ( 2 years of Research + 2 years of Clinical) 

Number of Positions

2 positions in total

Education Director

Christopher Watchman, PhD

Residency Coordinator

Christopher Watchman, PhD

Program Director


Jeanne Estimé
Residency Coordinator