MSK News Spring 2022
MSK’s bold new project targets cancer’s habitat. Exploring how cancer interacts with the body’s complex ecosystems will lead to better treatments for patients like Bridget Anderson.
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For the past few decades, researchers have focused on identifying gene mutations associated with cancer. Joan Massagué writes that MSK is pioneering a new era, revealing how cancer cells interact with organs and systems across the entire body — offering new answers to some of cancer’s toughest challenges.
Weeds in the Garden: A New Research Era To Understand Cancer's Ecosystem
This new era of cancer research investigates how the disease in certain locations interacts with all the body’s systems. Focusing on cancer’s ecosystem promises to reveal lifesaving insights, especially into metastasis.
Making Immunotherapy Work for More People
Symantha Wilson was crushed when chemotherapy quit fighting her lymphoma — and thrilled when immuno­therapy beat back the cancer. But why doesn’t immunotherapy help more people? MSK researchers are finding answers.
Gut Check: The Microbiota and Its Role in Cancer
To help Bridget Anderson overcome leukemia, MSK doctors called upon her own microbiome, the vast ecosystem of microorganisms that live within us, especially the gut. They’re both friend and foe in fighting cancer.
School of Fish: What Fish Fins Are Teaching Scientists About Human Melanoma
One woman’s rare melanoma sparked research led by MSK physician-scientist Richard White involving zebrafish. The surprising results could lead to an entirely new treatment approach.
Quantum Leap: How MSK Researchers Use New Technology To See Cancer Like Never Before
MSK investigators are leading the way with approaches so bold they are like the difference between “a snapshot and a movie.”
Meet Tracy Gosselin: MSK’s New Chief Nurse
MSK’s new nursing executive shares her mantra for leading nurses and listening to patients: “Keep calm and hurdle on.”
Transformative Giving: Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis
Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis have already revolutionized cancer research. Now they are doing it again, by supporting the exploration of the complex ecosystem that permits cancer to thrive — or not — in the body.
MSK Giving Spring 2022
Thank you to our donor community. Your commitment to supporting MSK is essential to advancing our mission.
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