New Weekly Science Seminars to Watch from Home

MSK Science Spotlight

In this time of a global pandemic, relying on science to help us make decisions is more important than ever. Declaring that the decades-long fight against cancer must not stop even in the face of an unprecedented global public health crisis, the Sloan Kettering Institute has launched an online seminar series for the scientific community featuring illuminating lectures by today’s leaders in basic and translational biomedical science. “MSK Science Spotlight” features cancer science luminaries discussing the latest research and new developments in cancer prevention, control, and treatment via online seminars. 

“While the scientific and medical community is rightfully focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot afford to lose sight of the important work that continues our efforts to discover more effective strategies to prevent, control, and treat cancer,” said Joan Massagué, PhD, Director of SKI. “This series will help the cancer community stay connected and updated on the latest research during this period when scientific meetings are on hold. We don’t want to slow our ability to engage in meaningful dialogue that helps sustain the incredible momentum in cancer research. The science must go on.” 

Joan Massagué, PhD

Joan Massagué, PhD

The “Science Spotlight” series will be hosted by four MSK faculty: Omar Abdel-Wahab, Associate Member in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (HOPP); Danwei Huangfu, Associate Professor; Andrea Schietinger, Assistant Member, Immunology Program, SKI; and Tuomas Tammela, an Assistant Member.

“MSK Science Spotlight” seminars take place every Monday and Wednesday at ET and will last 60 minutes, including 15 minutes for Q&A. Detailed information about seminar speakers, dates, and times as well as live streams and recorded video are available here