Respected Physician and Researcher George J. Bosl Named Memorial Sloan Kettering's First Ombudsperson, a Confidential Resource for Staff

George Bosl

As Chair of the Department of Medicine, George Bosl oversaw more than 350 doctors. In his role as first ombudsperson of MSK, he will provide guidance for all MSK physicians and staff.

As Chair of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Department of Medicine, George Bosl guided the medical staff during a period of substantial growth in the development and testing of better therapy for all cancers. In his own research, he led numerous studies of treatments for testicular cancer and why some fail to respond to therapy. In July, he will become MSK’s first ombudsperson, working closely with staff to provide confidential, independent guidance on complex and evolving issues, particularly related to conflicts of interest (COI).

“Throughout my tenure at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I’ve witnessed the unmatched dedication of staff who provide the world’s best cancer care and drive the innovation today that leads to better cancer treatment tomorrow,” says Dr. Bosl. “My goal as ombudsperson will be to support staff by lending a confidential open ear and mind to every member of the MSK community as we continue our mission to deliver excellent patient care derived from groundbreaking research.”

During his nearly four decades at MSK, Dr. Bosl cared for people with testicular cancer and other genitourinary cancers, as well as those with head and neck cancers. In his role in the Department of Medicine, he oversaw 33 services — including General Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, and Supportive Care — five divisions, and more than 350 doctors. Among the new services developed during his tenure as chair, he led the effort to expand services for older patients at MSK, helping to establish a Geriatrics Service to address the specific challenges of caring for older people with the disease. In his role as Associate Cancer Center Director for Clinical and Translational Research, Dr. Bosl was responsible for programs that evaluated the scientific merit, priority, and progress of MSK’s clinical research.

The role of ombudsperson is a result of the work of MSK’s COI Task Force, created to assess MSK policies and processes for reporting and managing outside activities and industry-supported clinical trials. The creation of the new position is one of many steps MSK will take in the coming months to better guide COI management.

“The creation of the position of ombudsperson represents an important milestone in MSK’s ongoing effort to balance the need to collaborate with outside industry to further scientific research with our institution’s commitment to preserving the objectivity and integrity of our work, as well as our commitment to transparency,” says Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer Debra Berns. “Dr. Bosl’s sterling personal and professional reputation makes him an ideal choice to spearhead this position and ensure that our institution stays true to its founding mission to advance cancer care.”