Desmoid Fibromatosis: Local Recurrence-Free Survival After Surgery


Our desmoid fibromatosis local recurrence nomogram is a tool designed to predict the likelihood of survival without the desmoid tumor returning at the site of initial surgery after the tumor is removed through surgery. The probability of survival free of local recurrence is calculated for three years, five years, and seven years after surgery.

Results produced by this tool are based on data from patients treated at MSK, a large research institution with surgeons who perform a high volume of soft tissue sarcoma procedures. This tool was validated using data from patients treated at 24 sarcoma specialty centers in Europe. All results must be understood in the context of each patient’s specific treatment plan. Patients and caregivers using this tool should discuss the result with the patient’s physician.

To gather the information required to use this nomogram, use our worksheet.

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Note: The classification “Extremity” includes desmoid tumors in the the head or neck as well as in the upper (hand, arm, axilla, shoulder joint) and lower (foot, leg, buttocks, groin) extremities.
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