Thomas Atkinson, PhD

Assistant Attending Behavioral Scientist

Thomas Atkinson, PhD


University of Virginia

Current Research Interests

Dr. Thomas Atkinson is a trained psychometrician and outcomes researcher with expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodology. He serves as the Head of the MSKCC Behavioral Research Methods Core Facilities. Dr. Atkinson’s current line of independent research focuses on the exploration of the psychometric properties of existing patient reported outcomes (PRO) measures for the purposes of evaluating their use for inclusion in clinical trials and regulatory review. Dr. Atkinson has recently published two papers on the validity of pain measures with respect to recommendations put forth by the Food and Drug Administration, and has presented this work at multiple international conferences. As a Guest Worker at the FDA over the past two years, he has coauthored presentations with FDA colleagues on their perspectives regarding the measurement of pain palliation.


Selected Publications

1. Atkinson, TM, Konold, TR, Glutting, JJ. Patterns of Memory: A normative taxonomy of the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning - Second Edition (WRAML-2). J Int Neuropsychol Soc 2008; 14: 869-877.

2. Basch, E, Jia, X, Heller, G, Barz, A, Sit, L, Fruscione, M, Appawu, M, Iasonos, A, Atkinson, T M, Goldfarb, S, Culkin, A, Kris, MG, Schrag, D. Adverse Symptom Event Reporting by Patients versus Clinicians: Relationships with Clinical Outcomes. J Nat Cancer Inst 2009; 101: 1624-1632.

3. Atkinson, T M, Mendoza, T R, Sit, L, Passik, S, Scher, H I, Cleeland, C, Basch, E. The Brief Pain Inventory and its “Pain at its Worst in the last 24 Hours” Item: Clinical Trial Endpoint Considerations. Pain Med 2010; 11: 337-346.

4. Atkinson, TM, Rosenfeld, BD, Sit, L, Mendoza, TR, Fruscione, M, Lavene, D, Shaw, M, Li, Y, Hay, J, Cleeland, C, Scher, HI, Breitbart, WS, Basch, E. Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Evaluate Construct Validity of the Brief Pain Inventory. J Pain Symptom Manage [In Press].