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Jian Carrot-Zhang, PhD

The Carrot-Zhang lab started in 2022. We focus on developing cutting-edge computational methods to link the germline genome to the specific somatic phenotypes, in order to better characterize cancer risk and response to treatment mechanisms. Another focus of the lab is combining statistical modeling and large-scale, multi-ethnic clinical genomic cohorts to understand how cancer is impacted by genetic ancestry, with the goal of improving precision oncology for all. The group is also involved in the TCGA and AACR Project GENIE collaborations, and has a strong interest in discovering new cancer drivers through whole-genome sequencing.


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Jian Carrot-Zhang

Jian Carrot-Zhang, PhD

  • Computational Geneticist focused on germline-somatic interaction in multi-ethnic populations.


  • National Cancer Institute – K99 Pathway to Independence Award, “Understanding ancestral contribution to lung adenocarcinoma.” (Role: PI) (2021)
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2019)