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In the Clinic
Medical oncologist Alexander Drilon
A Perfect Match: Molecular Tests Developed at MSK Guide Personalized Treatment for Lung Cancer
For personalized treatment to work, it’s important to analyze each person’s tumor for genetic mutations and find the best drugs to target those mutations.
In the Lab
Illustration of DNA base pairs
What Was MSK’s Role in TCGA, the Groundbreaking Cancer Genomic Study?
The multicenter project, which yielded dozens of scientific papers on more than 30 different kinds of cancer, has officially drawn to a close.
In the Lab
Blue cells containing small red and green dots on a black background
Scientists Pinpoint a New Cause of Resistance to EGFR-Targeting Drugs
Multiple copies of a gene called <em>YES1</em> appear to be responsible for certain precision drugs losing their effectiveness.
Medical oncologist Bill Tap examines a patient
Outsmarting Sarcoma: How MSK’s Experts Are Advancing Treatment and Research Progress
Spend a day with the expert team in MSK's world-renowned sarcoma service.
Pictured: Michael Berger & David Solit
Cancer Genomics: New Technologies Speed Discovery and Expand Opportunities for Personalized Medicine
At Memorial Sloan Kettering, new technologies to study gene changes in cancer cells are accelerating the development and implementation of more-effective treatments.
Participants in Cycle for Survival
Treating Rare Cancers
Memorial Sloan Kettering physicians have experience and specialized expertise in caring for people with uncommon cancers.
Pictured: Douglas Levine
Genomic Analysis Provides Clues about Most Common Form of Ovarian Cancer
In a large-scale genomic analysis of the most common and aggressive type of ovarian cancer, researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering and other centers identified genetic mutations and pathways that set the disease apart from other types of ovarian cancer and other solid tumors.
Media Advisory
First Comprehensive Analysis Of Gene Mutations In Ovarian Cancer Brings Patients One Step Closer To Personalized Medicine
According to a large-scale genomic analysis of the most common and aggressive type of ovarian cancer, researchers from Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center and other centers within The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project identified genetic mutations and pathways that distinctly set the disease apart not only from other types of ovarian cancer, but from other solid tumors as well.
Staff involved in implementing the new technology for diagnosing gene mutations in tumors include (from left) Marc Ladanyi, Angela Marchetti, Chris Lau, Laetitia Borsu, and Khedoudja Nafa.
New Technology Will Improve Molecular Testing of Tumors for Patients
Memorial Sloan Kettering has made an important step forward in efficiently diagnosing gene mutations in patients' cancers on an individual basis.
Research Reveals What Drives Lung Cancer's Spread
A new study by researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reveals the genetic underpinnings of what causes lung cancer to quickly metastasize, or spread, to the brain and the bone - the two most prominent sites of lung cancer relapse.