Gopa Iyer, MD

Assistant Attending, Genitourinary Oncology Service

Gopa Iyer, MD

Office Phone

646-422-4362 (for patient-related questions only)

Lab Phone

646-888-2649 (for non-clinical issues only)

My laboratory research focuses on defining the genetic aberrations that characterize bladder cancer, thereby identifying mutations that may serve as targets for novel therapies in this disease. Specifically, alterations within the PI3 kinase/Akt/mTOR pathway are commonly found in bladder cancer, and efforts are under way to understand the biologic effects of pharmacologic inhibition of this pathway. Loss of the TSC1 protein, a negative regulator of mTOR activation, has been shown to contribute to dramatic sensitivity of bladder tumors to everolimus therapy. We are currently elucidating the mechanisms underpinning drug sensitivity and are defining the pattern of co-alterations with TSC1 loss in bladder cancer using next-generation sequencing techniques.