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Vanderbilt University

The identification of novel prostate cancer therapeutics is a significant clinical need because current hormone therapies eventually fail, leading to a drug-resistant and fatal disease termed castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Men with castrate-resistant prostate cancer often exhibit an increase in androgen receptor (AR) protein levels. Previous work in our laboratory shows that this increased level of AR is necessary and sufficient for the progression of prostate cancer to castrate-resistant disease and its function is necessary to sustain tumor growth. In addition to castrate-resistant prostate cancer, AR is expressed in nearly all prostate tumors and AR expression is necessary for tumor maintenance. Taken together, these data suggest that AR plays a critical role in hormone-sensitive and castrate-resistant prostate cancer and remains an important target for prostate cancer therapeutics. My research focuses on identifying alternative approaches to current hormone therapies by identifying novel regulators of the androgen receptor. This research will allow us to better understand the underlying mechanism of prostate cancer development and has great potential to translate into beneficial treatments for men living with prostate cancer.