Neel Shah, PhD

GSK Graduate Student

Neel Shah


Regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor in prostate cancer disease progression and resistance to antiandrogen therapy (2017)

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The University of British Columbia


Bose R, Karthaus WR, Armenia J, Abida W, Iaquinta PJ, Zhang Z, Wongvipat J, Wasmuth EV, Shah N, Sullivan PS, Doran MG, Wang P, Patruno A, Zhao Y, International SU2C/PCF Prostate Cancer Dream Team, Zheng D, Schultz N, Sawyers CL. (2017) ERF mutations reveal a balance of ETS factors controlling prostate oncogenesis. Nature 546, 671-675. PMCID: PMC5576182 [Available on 2018-06-29]

Shah N, Wang P, Wongvipat J, Karthaus WR, Abida W, Armenia J, Rockowitz S, Drier Y, Bernstein BE, Long HW, Freedman ML, Arora VK, Zheng D, Sawyers CL. (2017) Regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor via a BET-dependent enhancer drives antiandrogen resistance in prostate cancer. Elife 6, pii: e27861. PMCID: PMC5593504

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