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Chi, P, Greengard, P, and Ryan, TA. Synapsin dispersion and re-clustering during synaptic activity. Nature Neuroscience 2001;4:1187-1193.

Feng, J, Chi, P, Blanpied, TA, Xu, Y, Magarinos, AM, Ferreira, A, Takahashi, RH, Kao, HT, McEwen, BS, Ryan, TA, Augustine, GJ, and Greengard, P. Regulation of neurotransmitter release by synapsin III. Journal of Neuroscience 2002;22:4372-4380.

Yan, Z, Chi, P, Bibb, JA, Ryan, TA, and Greengard, P. Roscovitine: a novel regulator of P/Q-type calcium channels and transmitter release in central neurons. Journal of Physiology 2002;540:761-770.

Chi, P, Greengard, P, and Ryan, TA. Presynaptic molecular processing of synaptic activity with variable firing frequencies by synapsin Ia. Neuron 2003; 38(1):69-78.

Wang, GG, Allis, CD*, Chi, P*. Chromatin remodeling and cancer, Part I: covalent histone modifications. Trends in Molecular Medicine 2007; 13:363-372.

Wang, GG, Allis, CD*, Chi, P*. Chromatin remodeling and cancer, Part II: ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling. Trends in Molecular Medicine 2007; 13:373-380.

Chi, P1, Chen, Y1, Zhang, L, Guo, X., Wongvipat, J., Shamu, T., Fletcher, JA, Dewell S., Maki, RG, Zheng, D.,  Antonescu, CR, Allis CD, Sawyers, CL. ETV1 is a lineage survival factor that cooperates with KIT in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours. Nature 2010; 467: 849-53.

Chi, P, Allis, CD, Wang GG. Covalent histone modifications: miswritten, misinterpreted, and miserased in human cancers. Nature Reviews Cancer. 2010, 10:457-69.

Chen, Y, Shamu, T, Chen, H, Besmer, P, Sawyers, CL, Chi, P. Visualization of the interstitial cells of cajal (ICC) network in mice. J. Vis. Exp. 2011, Jul 27; (53).