Postdoctoral Positions


The Lito Lab is interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of oncoprotein-dependent signaling in cancer and translating this knowledge into innovative therapeutic strategies for patients. We are particularly interested in understanding the biology of KRAS driven cancers and the modulators of response to KRAS G12C inhibitors. Further insight into the type of work carried out in the lab may be obtained in: Nature, 2020 (PMID:31915379), Nature Medicine, 2017 (PMID:28714990) and Science, 2016 (PMID:26841430).

Two (2) post-doctoral positions are available for highly motivated individuals with a background in biochemistry, cell biology and/or molecular genetics. Applicants should have a PhD and/or MD and a demonstrated record of outstanding technical and analytical skills in standard laboratory techniques. Enthusiasm for science, an ability to work independently to produce high-quality data and being an inquisitive scientist are imperative. 

For position 1: preference will be given to individuals with expertise in protein science, i.e. chromatography, purification, x-ray crystallization, cryoEM, structural based analysis, etc.

For position 2: preference will be given to individuals with experience in single cell sequencing (experience with Chromium 10X is preferred, since such a microfluidic device is available in the lab).

For either position, expertise must be evident in first-author publications.

Application Requirements

To apply please email your application to: 
Piro Lito, MD, PhD                                                                                
Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program

All applications should include the following:
1. Curriculum vitae and three, or more, references
2. A brief description of past research experience, including PDFs of published work
3. Future research interests and which position is of interest.
4. Expected availability date.