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Yonina Murciano-Goroff, Jenny Xue, Bob Li, Piro Lito, and Yulei Zhao.
MSK Researchers Are Learning Why Some Patients Develop Resistance to ‘Landmark’ Lung Cancer Drug
A paper from MSK researchers reports that resistance to sotorasib, a new targeted drug for lung cancer, can be caused by many different molecular changes.
In the Lab
Physician-scientist Piro Lito
Researchers Uncover New Findings about KRAS, an Important Protein in Cancer
Researchers have taken a closer look at what a protein called KRAS does in normal cells and how certain KRAS mutations lead to for cancer growth.
Three photos of Karen Milich: one with her grandson, one of her with her sons, and one of her alone
How Four Decades of Research Led to a Breakthrough Treatment for Lung Cancer
Read how a clinical trial is changing the outlook for some people with lung cancer.
In the Clinic
Piro Lito, Bob Li, and Neal Rosen in the lab
Promising Results from the First-Ever Trial of a Drug that Blocks Cancer Gene KRAS
The drug, sotorasib, is targeted against a cancer-causing protein that has long been considered an “undruggable” target.
In the Lab
Physician-scientist Piro Lito
Why KRAS Inhibitors for Lung Cancer Stop Working (and What Can Be Done about It)
Recently developed targeted drugs used to treat lung cancer are only partially effective. Scientists now know why.
In the Lab
Representative image of a dividing tumor cell showing the extrachromosomal location of duplicated BRAF genes
Giving Drugs Together — Rather than in Sequence — May Be Key to Halting Tumor Resistance
Scientists are learning how tumors develop resistance to drugs — and what can be done about it.
In the Lab
Colored x-ray of lung cancer
New Lung Cancer Therapy May Target Previously Untreatable Tumors
Researchers are developing uses for a drug that could benefit many people with lung cancer.