The BDP Platform


To identify and address unmet needs, members of the Biomarker Development Program (BDP) collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including:

  • Laboratory and clinical scientists
  • Drug and assay developers
  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
  • Computational biologists
  • Statisticians
  • Regulators

The BDP platform allows us to identify and vet promising state-of-the-art technologies and innovations through our partnership with the MSK Office of Technology Development. Together, we are able to establish truly collaborative research partnerships for biomarker development.

The pathway to development always begins with defining how the biomarker will be used. It may be used to establish a diagnosis, guide the choice of treatment at specific points in a patient’s illness, or determine whether or not a treatment is working and, if not, why.

We also look at how a test result will be used to inform clinical care. Within each step of the biomarker development process — from discovery and assay development to analytical validation, clinical validation, and demonstrating clinical utility — we look at how the biomarker will be used.

Projects must meet the following criteria before they are eligible for incorporation in the BDP platform. They must:

  • Be a technology-based platform.
  • Have an expectation of cost-effectiveness.
  • Be translational in nature (bench to bedside).
  • Have the potential to create clinical and economic value.
  • Be an equitable collaboration between academia and industry.

The BDP’s platform utilizes our leadership expertise, infrastructure, and operational capacity to execute research projects across the continuum. We have demonstrated an ability to validate biomarkers through to regulatory clearance.

Collaborators interested in using the BDP platform can contact Program Administrator Kaylie Johnson at [email protected].