Seminar Series

Leading national and international researchers and clinicians are invited by the faculty of the Brain Tumor Center to visit Memorial Sloan Kettering to talk about the latest developments in their research. These seminars foster external collaborations and increase knowledge.

Winter/Spring Seminars


Directing glial competency and topographical brain organization in human pluripotent stem cells
Speaker: Lorenz Studer, MD
January 29, 2018

Molecular delineation of disease progression in glioma
Speaker: Roel Verhak, PhD
February 26, 2018

A Single Cell Lens Into Tumor Heterogeneity
Speaker: Dana Pe’er, PhD
March 26, 2018

Origins of medulloblastoma: lessons learned from 1,000’s of
patients & 1,000’s of cells
Speaker: Paul Northcott, PhD
April 23, 2018

Novel insights into fundamental principles of brain tumor biology: from early steps of brain colonization to complex cell-cell interactions
Speaker: Frank Winkler, MD
May 21, 2018