Trainee Support and DEI Initiatives

Trainee Support and DEI Initiatives


The COVID pandemic has impacted us in so many ways, including by disrupting research progress for trainees because of lab closure, delayed experiments, delayed funding, stress, and family disruption. The Center for Experimental Immuno-oncology recognizes these extraordinary challenges and, in cooperation with “Comedy vs Cancer” awarded one year postdoctoral fellowships to support MSK Research Scholars, Fellows, and Associates whose research has been adversely impacted by the pandemic. 

The recipients of these awards were:

  • Colleen Lau: “Epigenetic Mechanisms of Antigen Independent Immune Memory”
  • Alejandra Mendoza: “Neuro-Immunomodulation by Treg cells”
  • Maria Tello Lafoz: “Mechanosurveillance in Immune control of Cancer”
  • Patrick Von Morgen: “Cytosolic DNA sensors in anti-tumor immunity”
  • Peng Li: “Immunosurveillance of Cancer Cell Metastasis by Cytotoxic Innate Lymphocytes”
  • Vera Tiedje: “Clonal Hematopoiesis and antigen presentation”
  • Alessia Volpe: “Investigating the efficacy of TRAIL-enhanced CAR-T cells to augment cancer immunotherapy in malignant pleural mesothelioma.”

The EIO center recognizes the critical need support and nurture young scientists unrepresented in science. To this end, the EIO center sponsors one trainee per year in the MSK Bridge programEIO Scholars will also participate in mentoring MSK Bridge Scholars.