EIO Cell Bank


The EIO Cell Bank is a shared resource open to all MSK researchers with the purpose of enabling the translation of basic immuno-oncology research to human tumors. The Cell Bank combines the established tissue collection and storage workflow of the Precision Pathology Biobanking Center (PPBC) with validated tumor dissociation techniques to create high-viability single-cell suspensions of clinically resected tumors. These single cell suspensions are suitable for downstream analyses of the cellular components of the tumor microenvironment (TME). No selection or sorting is performed prior to freezing single cell suspensions in order to maintain the full diversity of the TME, including immune cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and tumor cells, thereby making banked cell preps useful for a wide range of techniques and research areas. We have validated our tissue dissociation technique using banked, frozen cell suspensions to perform immunophenotyping by flow cytometry, T-cell activation, and single-cell RNAseq. A searchable REDCap database containing cell preparation QC data and associated clinical information for each available banked aliquot is open to researchers to enable them to find samples that match their research needs.

EIO Cell Bank Growth Over Time

EIO Cell Bank Growth Over Time

Growth of the number of individual tumors processed (red line) and dissociated cell aliquots banked (blue line) in the EIO Cell Bank.

EIO Cell Bank Composition

EIO Cell Bank Composition

Number of individual tumors processed in the EIO Cell Bank by disease.

The EIO Cell Bank strives to be as accessible a resource as possible to the MSK research community.  As such the Cell Bank contents are available at no cost for approved uses. In the future, a nominal fee may be charged to offset the cost of storage and handling.

Take the following steps to access the Immuno-Oncology Cell Bank and associated REDCap database:

  • Contact the Cell Bank Director, Jamie Bean [email protected], to request access to the EIO REDCap database
  • Peruse the REDCap database to identify samples of interest
  • Request desired dissociated tissue aliquots through the link to the Sample Request REDCap Form received from the EIO. Requests should include experimental purpose, selection criteria, required sample numbers, and downstream usage
  • An IRB-approved Biospecimen Research Protocol (BRP) must be obtained prior to requesting cell aliquots from the Cell Bank
  • Email [email protected] to discuss project goals or for assistance with the database and obtaining Biospecimen Research Protocol approval

A flow diagram illustrating the sample pipeline from tumor resection to accessing banked single-cell suspension and associated informatics may be seen here

Details of the tumor dissociation protocol may be found here.

The Immuno-Oncology Cell Bank is in the early stages of collection and we expect the sample numbers to grow over the next year and to ultimately include dissociated tissue preps from a wide range of cancers.