Specific Aim 1


A primary goal of the Coordinating Center is promotion of information access, information exchange, interaction, and collaboration among members of the SCLC Consortium. To these ends, the Coordinating Center provides administrative oversight for the group of investigators researching SCLC, including coordination of regular teleconferences and assistance in planning an annual face-to-face meeting. These activities will promote the coherence of the group, and stimulate collaboration among the investigators.

Administrative oversight and communications

We hold virtual teleconferences twice a month among the participating members of the consortium to review progress and opportunities among the group. This in part serves as a forum for updates regarding databases and other shared resources and opportunities of relevance to the whole group. In addition, as the primary focus of these calls, we have a rotating schedule of presentation, with two research laboratories assigned to present on each teleconference.

Annual meeting

The Consortium will have annual face-to-face meetings, alterating between smaller focused meetings at or around NCI for funded investigators, and a larger international meeting which we have held with the support and engagement of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).


The Coordinating Center has developed and maintained this website for the SCLC Consortium.