Population Sciences Research Program


MSK’s Population Sciences Research Program (PSRP) encompasses research aimed at reducing the morbidity and mortality of cancer and its long-term effects across diverse populations. Broadly categorized, PSRP research addresses contemporary issues in

  • cancer etiology and risk
  • health behaviors and symptom control
  • health care delivery, access, and disparities

Research within the PSRP is conducted by multi-disciplinary teams of scientists in the laboratory, the clinic, and the community. PSRP members come from departments and divisions throughout MSK, representing a wide range of disciplines, including epidemiology, behavioral sciences, genetics, biostatistics, health outcomes, survivorship, and others. Our members collaborate within PSRP, with other MSK investigators, and with scientists around the world. PSRP is closely linked with MSK’s Clinical Research Program, with both programs benefiting from shared and program-specific expertise and the high volume of patients receiving clinical care at MSK.