Training Grants for Postdoctoral Fellows

Training Grants for Postdoctoral Fellows

2022 NYSTEM Trainees

2022 NYSTEM Trainees

The Center for Stem Cell Biology (CSCB) was awarded a grant from the New York State Department of Health and the Empire State Stem Cell Board to support training in stem cell research. The grant sponsors five postdoctoral fellows who show exceptional potential for making significant contributions to the field of stem-cell-related research. Our trainees have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique resources available at Memorial Sloan Kettering, ranging from basic developmental biology and genetic lineage tracing to pluripotency, directed differentiation, stem cell engineering, chemical/genetic screening, and regenerative medicine, including clinical-grade cell processing.

2022 Trainees

Tamara Casteels
Tamara Casteels, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Danwei Huangfu Lab

Project Title: Towards the efficient generation of functional beta cells using droplet-based microfluidics and CRISPR activation

Svetlana Jovanic
Svetlana Jovanic, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Developmental Biology Program, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis Lab

Project Title: Establishing PSC‐based in vitro gastruloid models of gut tube development

Yuan Lin
Yuan Lin, Research fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Thomas Vierbuchen Lab

Project Title: Project Title: Defining the role of canonical BAF complexes in human neuronal gene regulation

Xueqin Xie
Xueqin Xie, Research scholar, Molecular Pharmacology Program, Michael Kharas Lab

Project Title: Uncovering the MSI2 RNA regulatory network in normal and malignant blood stem cells

Zhe Yang
Zhe Yang, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Lorenz Studer Lab

Project Title: Identification of genes regulating synapse versus Aβ uptake in hPSC-derived microglia

Former Trainees

Seungjae Lee
Seungjae Lee, Research Scholar, Developmental Biology Program, Eric C. Lai Lab

Project Title: Elucidating the essential role of Dicer1 and its disease variants in human ESCs

Daniel Medina Cano
Daniel Medina Cano, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Thomas Vierbuchen Lab

Project Title: Stem Cell Models For Quantitative Genetic Dissection Of Mouse Cortical Development

Deepika Prasad
Deepika Prasad, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Maria Jasin Lab

Project Title: Interrogating genome maintenance and inter-homolog recombination in mouse embryonic stem cells

Leslie Weber
Leslie Weber, Research Scholar, Immunology Program, Frederic Geissmann Lab

Project Title: Human pluripotent stem cell-based study of somatic microglial mutations and their role in neurodegeneration

Xueqian Zhuang
Xueqian Zhuang, Research Fellow, Cancer Biology and Genetics Program, Tuomas Tammela Lab

Project Title: Uncovering the mechanisms and regeneration of aging-driven decline of lung adult stem cells

Gabriele Ciceri
Gabriele Ciceri, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Lorenz Studer Lab

Project Title: Directing the timing of maturation in human pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neurons

Oliver Harschnitz
Oliver Harschnitz, Research Scholar, Developmental Biology Program, Lorenz Studer Lab

Project Title: Identification of HSE-susceptibility genes using a whole genome CRISPR screen in defined human cortical neurons

Jieru Li
Jieru Li, PhD, Research Fellow, Structural Biology Program, Alexandros Pertsinidis Lab

Project Title: Molecular and biophysical mechanisms of enhancer-promoter communication and transcriptional control of cell identity

Hanzhi Luo
Hanzhi Luo, PhD, Research Fellow, Molecular Pharmacology Program, Michael Kharas Lab

Project Title: Regulation of hematopoietic stem cell fate decisions by m6A modification

Claire Simon
Claire Simon, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis Lab

Project Title: The establishment of pluripotency in vivo

Dapeng Yang
Dapeng Yang, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program, Danwei Huangfu Lab

Project Title: Genome-wide CRISPR screen identifies the requirement of HHEX in human pancreatic development and cell differentiation

Celia Andreu-Agullo
Celia Andreu-Agullo, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Role of Arsenic-Resistant Protein 2 (Ars2) in the Regulation of Adult Neural Stem Cells

Fiona Bangs
Fiona Bangs, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: The Role of Cilia and Centrosomes in Self-Renewal and Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

N. Sumru Bayin
N. Sumru Bayin, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Developmental Biology Program, Alexandra Joyner Lab

Project Title: Systems biology approach to overcome age-dependent blockage of stem cell regenerative responses in the cerebellum

Kosuke Funato
Kosuke Funato, PhD, Research Fellow, Department of Neurosurgery

Project Title: Human ES-based modeling of pediatric glioblastoma by histone mutations

Picutred: Dong Gao
Dong Gao, PhD, Research Fellow, Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program

Project Title: Defining the prostate luminal stem cell and cell of origin of prostate cancer

Federico González Grassi
Federico González Grassi, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Understanding the Mechanisms That Govern the Reprogramming of a Somatic Cell to a Pluripotent State.

Pictured: Eric Kallin
Eric Kallin, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Project Title: Role of alternative polyadenylation in embryonic stem cell identity and differentiation

Jorge Mansilla-Soto
Jorge Mansilla-Soto, PhD, Research Fellow, Molecular Pharmacology Program

Project Title: Gene Repair and Erythroid Differentiation Potential of Sickle-Cell-Anemia-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Santosha Vardhana
Santosha Vardhana, MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program

Project Title: Erk inhibition promotes Brd4-independent stemness and proliferation in mouse embryonic stem cells

Elsa Vera
Elsa Vera, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Accelerating in Vitro Neural Aging by Manipulations of Telomerase Function and Its Application for Modeling Late-Onset Disease

Qiong Wang
Qiong Wang, PhD, Research Scholar, Cancer Biology & Genetics Program

Project Title: The p53 Tumor Suppressor Family Integrates Nodal and Wnt Inputs Driving Mesendoderm Specification

Yang Yu
Yang Yu, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Mechanism of Ars2 in regulating neural stem cell development

Xinjun Zhang
Xinjun Zhang, PhD, Research Scholar, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Accelerated Generation of Functional Cortical Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem Cells Using Combinatorial Small-Molecule Treatment

Zengrong Zhu
Zengrong Zhu, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Genome editing in human embryonic stem cells to study the genetics of neonatal diabetes and pancreatic development

Bastian Zimmer
Bastian Zimmer, PhD, Research Fellow, Developmental Biology Program

Project Title: Tailored hPSC-based cell therapy for hypopituitarism


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