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Infectious disease specialist Mini Kamboj explains what patients can expect after getting vaccinated.

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Mini Kamboj: So like any other vaccine, a side effects can certainly happen. But the reassuring thing is that most of the side effects are mild. Sometimes they can be of moderate severity, especially after the second dose.

The most common side effect is that your arm may be sore, you may notice some redness around the site of the injection. The symptoms generally go away on their own within two to three days. Some people have also reported short lasting headache, fatigue, or fever. Again, these are more common after the second dose. They're more common in younger individuals who are less than 55 years of age. And any discomfort that you experience from the vaccine generally results within 72 hours.

Although these side effects can be commonly encountered, it's important to know what these side effects represent. People experience these as an indication that the immune system is working. It is doing what it is supposed to do, which is developing those protective antibodies that will help your body fight infection if you were to be exposed to the virus in the future.