How Do I Schedule an Appointment with My Cancer Doctor?

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Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, MSK is still here to provide you with the best cancer care, whether you’re a current patient or you’ve just been diagnosed. Medical oncologist Nitya Raj explains how to make an appointment. Visit for more information.

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There are multiple ways for you to schedule your appointment with your doctor, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our process, in fact, remains the same during this period of time. If you're new to our hospital, you can either contact us by phone or you can request an appointment online through our website. We will then help guide you to determine the cancer team that you should be seeing. If you're one of our established patients, you can call your doctor's office by phone, or you can reach out through the online portal to request an appointment. Your cancer team will then determine if your appointment needs to be conducted on-site or if the appointment can be a telemedicine visit, where you would do your appointment from home. Please be assured that we will be fully caring for you during this period of time.