MSK Bergen Virtual Tour

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Take a virtual tour of our MSK Bergen outpatient location, which offers residents of northern New Jersey and southern New York the benefit of receiving treatment and rehabilitation close to home.

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Getting diagnosed with cancer is stressful. It's scary. It's life-changing. And then, too, on top of that, now I need to try to coordinate how I am going to be getting my treatment. Being able to get the best cancer care anywhere but to be able to be getting it near where you live in your neighborhood-- that's really important. Here at MSK Bergen, our goal is to make it easier.

It is so important to be able to receive care near my home in New Jersey because when you're in treatment, you're not feeling well. And to have a short trip for a long day makes life so much easier.

When they walk in the building, I think patients feel invited. They feel welcomed. They feel the warm space.

It's open. It's airy. There's a lot of light that comes in. But yet there are still smaller areas and clusters that provide privacy should a patient need to have a moment alone.

MSK Bergen is MSK. These are the same physicians that our patients are seeing in Manhattan.

We have all the services that patients will need. We have surgeons. We have their physicians. We have supportive services, such as genetics, physical therapy, social services, nursing. We also have chemotherapy and also radiation therapy.

For patients requiring surgery, all of the pre-operative care and post-operative care can be done here at Bergen. They need to go into Manhattan for surgery. But other than that, everything else can be done here.

It almost feels like home. The way that our infusion suites are designed, we have private rooms for each of our patients. They can be out in our communal setting. They can be in their room watching TV. Patients can individualize how they want to spend the day.

MSK is known for its expertise in cancer genetics. Genetic testing is very important for people to be aware of their familial cancer risk. And so we're able to bring that from the city out to the community.

We have clinical trials for patients who need advanced or novel therapeutic approaches.

Here at MSK Bergen, we offer the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology for treatment of any type of cancer.

We have the newest models of CT scanners and PET-CT machines. We have high-resolution MRI machines. And we have mammography machines, including the ability to get 3D mammograms.

What excites me most about being here at Bergen is being able to provide the care to the people in my community.

Where you get treated matters. Here at Sloan Kettering, all we do is take care of patients with cancer. And it's been shown time and time again that places that all they take care of is people with cancer have better outcomes.

Our hope here for any patient that comes to receive care at MSK Bergen is that they feel cared for, they feel more in control, and they have a very good understanding as to what the plan is moving forward.