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In the Clinic

CAR Therapy for Solid Tumors Passes Early Milestone

Preliminary results from a clinical trial indicate that an experimental CAR therapy for mesothelioma is safe.

Immunofluorescence staining of human lung cancer showing mesothelin (pink) on cancer cells and human T cells (green).

In the Clinic

Noninvasive Imaging Tools Enable Better Detection of Skin Cancer

MSK dermatologists are using noninvasive imaging methods to detect skin cancer and guide its treatment.

mmunofluorescent light micrograph of melanoma cancer cells


Acupuncture and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Cancer Survivors With Insomnia

Learn about ways that you can reduce insomnia without medication.

Jun Mao, Chief of MSK's Integrative Medicine Service, delivers acupuncture

In the Lab

Neutrophil Recruitment — What's Damage Got to Do with It?

Immune cells called neutrophils are the first responders to sites of infection. A new study probes what gets them there.

Wounding a zebrafish tail fin triggers a wave of calcium that signals damage and recruits neutrophils

Skin Cancer Screening and Self-Exams: Four Things You Need to Know

Screening and self-examinations can help detect skin cancer. The disease is diagnosed in more people each year in the United States than all other cancers combined.

MSK dermatologist Elizabeth Quigley examines an older male patient


Sacred Vessels: "Blessing of Hands" Ritual Helps MSK Nurses Move Forward

MSK nurses reaffirm their commitment to healing in the "Blessing of Hands" ceremony.

Close-up of nurse's hands being held and blessed by chaplain's hands

Q & A

MSK Nurse and Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor Shares Her Story

Meet Nikki Gioia, who treated for Hodgkin lymphoma at MSK and is now an MSK nurse.

Nurse sits at computer


An Intrepid Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Continues to Live for Adventure

MSK patient Margie Goldsmith with her bike


Study Shows 9/11 Workers at Higher Risk for Precursor to Multiple Myeloma, a Type of Blood Cancer

Rescue and recovery workers at the World Trade Center site appear to be at higher risk of developing multiple myeloma.

MSK hematologic oncologist doctor Ola Landgren pictured with a patient


How Social Workers Help People with Cancer: 8 Questions with Penny Damaskos

Meet MSK Director of Social Work Penny Damaskos and learn how she and her team help people with cancer.

MSK director of social work Penny Damaskos, posing with a human-sized number 8