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How Medical Play Helps Children Feel Empowered at MSK Kids

Discover how MSK Kids is using medical play to help children understand treatments and procedures.

MSK patient playing with child life therapist


Largest Study of Its Kind Reveals New Targetable Genetic Causes of the Rare Blood Disorder Histiocytosis

In an international study led by MSK, researchers reported finding key mutations driving the disease histiocytosis for nearly all of the people included.

Two images of a human torso show a reduction in tumors after treatment with targeted therapy.


Milking It: Study in Mice Suggests Lactose in the Diet Feeds Dangerous Gut Bacteria

Lab mice who had lactose removed from their diets had a decreased risk of infection with the Enterococcus bacterium.

Illustration of Enterococcus

Ask the Expert

10 Tips for Talking with Your Child about Cancer

Find tools for discussing a cancer diagnosis with your children.

Mom and daughter having conversation


Many Mutations Detected in Liquid Biopsy Tests Do Not Come from Cancer Cells, an MSK Study Finds

The new findings suggest the need for caution when interpreting the results from these tests.

Pedram Razavi, Jorge Reis-Filho, and Bob Li

Q & A

Cancer Care as It Should Be: How MSK Uses Thoughtful Design to Help People Heal

Learn how cancer patients benefit from carefully considered design at Memorial Sloan Kettering, from the director of its design team.

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MSK Program Keeps a Close Watch on Long-Term Lung Cancer Survivors

An MSK program helps lung cancer survivors stay healthy following successful treatment for their disease.

Cartoon illustration of lung with tiny medical figures tending to it.


Machine Learning May Help Classify Cancers of Unknown Primary

MSK investigators report a new tool that may help them determine the origin of some metastatic tumors, potentially leading to better targeted treatments.

Illustration of a magnifying glass and DNA sequences

In the Lab

One at a Time: New Tool Can Detect Genetic Changes in Thousands of Single Cancer Cells

Developed by scientists at MSK and the University of British Columbia/BC Cancer, the platform provides the deepest look yet into tumor evolution.

DLP+ in action


5 Myths about Radon and Lung Cancer

Learn about the connection between radon and the risk of lung cancer.

Illustration of microscope enlarging chemical symbol for radon (RN) over city map.