Types of Cancer Treatments


Treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, as well as newer techniques such as interventional radiology and immunotherapy. Find basic information about cancer treatment and learn more about what to expect as a Memorial Sloan Kettering patient or caregiver.

Common Cancer Treatment Options

  • Blood & Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation

    Memorial Sloan Kettering has one of the most experienced adult stem cell transplantation services in the United States, performing hundreds of transplants every year.

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy can cure or control cancer or help ease its symptoms. Learn more about our approach to caring for patients with drug-based therapies.

  • Immunotherapy

    Immunotherapy is a new form of cancer treatment that uses the immune system to attack cancer cells.

  • Interventional Radiology

    Interventional radiology involves minimally invasive techniques using needles and catheters, and provides an alternative to surgery for some patients.

  • Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy can destroy tumors and/or prevent them from returning. It can be used by itself as the only treatment or in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or both. Learn more about the types of radiation therapy and how it's used at MSK.

  • Surgery

    Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeons are dedicated not only to curing people with cancer but helping them recover fully after treatment.