Stem Cell Transplant Clinical Trials & Research

Stem Cell Transplant Clinical Trials & Research


Memorial Sloan Kettering’s team approach to transplantation goes beyond the bedside to research in the laboratory. Our investigators have experience in matching people with the right clinical trials that will help them the most.

We have been developing and evaluating promising new ways to do transplants for decades. We created many of the methods that help people who need transplants today. Choosing to have a transplant at MSK may give you access to new treatments before they’re widely available elsewhere.

Research Advances in Stem Cell Transplants
Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators are focused on developing and evaluating promising new approaches for stem cell transplants.
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Our clinical and laboratory researchers are working together to learn more about how healthy immune reactions work and how these can go wrong in people with cancer. We are using that information to be able to offer the latest treatment advances to people who have their transplants at MSK.

Our doctors are leading a large number of clinical trials to test new ways to do stem cell transplants. These research studies are based on our growing understanding of the immune system. Our research is increasingly translational, which means that discoveries made in the lab are taken directly to our patients.

Areas of research include studies of the immune cells called T cells and the role that they play in transplants. In addition, we are look for strategies to reduce complications such as graft-versus-host disease and ways to lower the toxicity of the treatments given before transplants. We are also trying to expand the use of stem cell transplants to treat more diseases.

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